Bioclimatic lodge

Features of Colca Trek Lodge bioclimatic building

  • Colca Trek Lodge took into account the environmental conditions of the place when was built: winds, vegetation and soil conditions. Also were adapted conditions of humidity, temperature and insolation.
  • The orientation was one of the key factors. Colca Trek Lodge construction is based on the maximum use of sunlight.
  • The earth colors of our lodge are clear to benefit the entrance of light and freshening
  • All the building has thermal clay walls to keep warm environments
  • Colca Trek Lodge is located in the little town, Pinchollo, away from the hustle and conventional tourist area.
  • Our lodge is surrounded by mountains and vegetation, plants of different species and nature.

Colca Trek Lodge, an ecologic, sustainable lodge, respectful with nature and visitor.

  • We respect the environment and landscape of the area without altering it in the slightest
  • We try our best to make effective use of energy and water
  • The ingredients of our food are organic. We buy 70 % of the supplies needed for our menus to the local people.
  • We help recycling paper and plastics.